Feltro lana

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Special thicknesses

between 2 and 40 mm

Wide colour range

Punching and cutting

Pattern shaping and shearing

Lines of felts

made from the finest wool in a wide range of colours and thickness

Dyeing as per sample

Raw cut or skived profiles

All natural

Wool-water, an entirely made in Italy natural product

Felt disks

Diameter and thickness on request


Felt production

  • Felt: traditional production in the italian wool district

    Felt is one of the most ancient fabrics still in use, and the techniques for making it have been handed down over the centuries to reach us almost unchanged. Its very nature has allowed it to be used in a wide range of different applications: its physical characteristics and the possibility of combining it with other materials, as well as the way it can be perfectly punch-cut in forms defined by drawings make it one of the most versatile materials used in modern industry.

Product customization

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Pattern shaping

Pattern shaping

Product customisation, raw cutting or skiving, pattern shearing, production of hollow punches.

Rich range of colors

Rich range of colors

Our line of coloured felts is available in more than forty shades. On request we also dye minimum quantities as per customer’s sample

Special thicknesses

Special thicknesses

Special thicknesses between 2 and 40 mm. Intermediate thicknesses on request for minimum quantitative.