Feltro lana

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Coloured felts

Feltri colorati

Our line of coloured felts is available in more than forty shades. On request we also dye minimum quantities as per customer’s sample

Application sectors:

  • Furnishing
  • Design
  • Artefacts
  • Bags
  • Clothing


Treatment applied:

  • Fireproofing
  • Anti-static
  • Water repellent
  • Resin coating

A wide range for furnishing, clothing and design

At this point in time, the softness and versatility of felt have confirmed the full right to its complete introduction into the world of furnishing, clothing and design. In line with this trend, we have developed an ecological product to respond to the now deeply felt need for environmental compatibility, naturally without forgoing the constant search for aesthetic quality.

The felt used to create this combination takes advantage of a highly researched and constant selection of raw materials to get the absolute best from the final product: the result is a felt with a pleasing feel, easy to work with and assemble with other materials, that can be recreated in an infinite range of colours in two distinct lines: melange and plain.

Both types are offered in all thicknesses with the weights and dimensions of our standard felts (see technical table), and just like with our other products, our experience is always at the service of the most demanding customers, and we are even able to meet special and diversified requirements.

Technical features
Type Thickness Density % Wool Format
"G" Melange 3-20 0,25 / 0,32 85-90 Rolls
"C" 3-20 0,30 / 0,45 100 Rolls

Colours chart